Photos that Reflect You

I got married at city hall in downtown Manhattan, a place that embodies all the different things that marriage means to different people. It’s loud and busy and filled with laughter - a sort of joyful DMV. There’s no *right* way to get married, and thank goodness for that. You can get married in a big dress with hundreds of people, or on a lunch break from your job working construction (as witnessed on my own wedding day). Either way is worthy of celebration.

This is what makes wedding photography meaningful to me - every wedding and every couple is unique, and I aim to capture something that really reflects you, your relationship, and what brings you joy. I want you to recognize yourself in these pictures like they are old snapshots. I want you to feel seen.

Me and David in 2016 - just after our City Hall wedding

I find my heart opening when I shoot weddings - I want so much to give something that will be meaningful years later - a souvenir, an artifact of this moment in time. Photography is a powerful way to highlight the things that really matter.

I’m the kind of photographer who will be getting misty-eyed behind the camera during your dad’s toast, and singing along as I snap shots on the dance floor. I aim to be friendly, warm, and reliable presence, there to help you feel comfortable and at ease on your big day.

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