In Spirit - 2021

In Spirit is a series of self-portraits, shot during the early days of the pandemic in my Brooklyn apartment. By posing in front of prints of my own past creative work - snapshots, grainy film memories, collage - I was able to transport myself to places, people, and feelings from which I was cut off in the months of lockdown. 

This way of traveling allowed me to feel the freedom of swimming in a wide open sea or the comfort of seeing a beloved face. It’s a way of giving something impossible photographic reality. By creating an image that could be true, I can be there in spirit. 

But wherever my mind travels, the real world has an undeniable way asserting itself. The heart of this work lies in photographically exploring the relationship between the physical and the mental/emotional. The distance and tension between the two.

This is an exploration of the vast space between longing and reality, and all the strange and wondrous ways they intersect.