There’s nothing more fun than taking pictures of people who really know each other, and trying to capture all the beautiful, funny and strange ways our families shape us. Those relationships are hard to sum up - there's often a lot of love, a lot of baggage, and history that goes back years. Photos are great at expressing what words can't.

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and are created in so many ways, so I use the term pretty loosely here - I think any group of people who love and lean on each other is a family. If you feel you're family, then you are.

When I work with families, I definitely want to capture those sweet, smiling, everyone-looking at the camera shots (since those are the ones grandma will hang on the wall), but I also want to capture the in-between moments. So often, that's where I see the casual, unposed expressions of love that tell a much deeper story.

I do all kinds of family events and portrait sessions, and would be glad to meet you all dressed up in your best duds or hanging around the house wearing PJs on a Saturday morning.