Stella and Tim's

lively socially-distant wedding

I can't tell you how good it felt to pick up my camera again for my first wedding in months. I was curious to see how a ceremony would feel in this age of Covid, and it turns out - where there's warm people, good friendships, and real love to celebrate, the masks don't really matter.

We started off at the William Vale Hotel, for a glass of champagne and a casual first look overlooking the city.

After one more glass, we masked up and headed to the Williamsburg waterfront to meet the rest of their guests.

Bushwick Inlet Park

The ceremony was a led by Tim's brother, who kept everyone laughing and smiling. Phones were out to stream it all for family and friends who couldn't be present.

One of the best things about New York weddings is the way so many strangers call out congratulations to the couple. This was just the same as before the pandemic - maybe even more than usual!

Even if they also walk through the frame I'm trying to shoot, I love the energy they add - it's like having a bunch of extra guests, and it feels like the whole city is wishing you well.

Le Crocodile

We headed to the Wythe Hotel for a little reception, which has an outdoor restaurant. People kept some distance and sitting at tables with only those who felt comfortable. The staff was super accommodating and the place looked gorgeous.

I felt so welcomed into the fold of this warm group of friends - they were so eager to not just celebrate Stella and Tim, who they all clearly adore, but also to enjoy simply being together. Some hadn't seen each other for months, and I think all of us - vendors included - were reveling in that sweet pleasure of human celebration.

I am always honored to be included in someone's wedding day, and I always get emotional, but this time I also felt a special gratitude to Stella and Tim for reminding me that there's life after Covid. Taking pictures is something so life-affirming for me, and I left their party uplifted and filled with a new sense of hope.

Congrats and best wishes, you two!