Shooting events gives me life like nothing else.

I love the energy, variety, and spontaneity of capturing events and parties of all types.

I've worked on events for the past 8 years, from big brand name festivals, scrappy DIY arts shows, conferences for tax professionals, and family surprise parties.

Big Parties

I've been lucky enough to work on events for large organizations like the Tribeca Film Festival, the US Open, Mastercard, American Airlines, and more.

Little Parties

There's always something going on in NYC. I've shot many personal parties and events for smaller brands over the years.

Professional Events

I've worked on many conferences, networking events, and meetings, and am always glad to document them.

Unorthodox Gatherings

A glassblowing workshop, a backyard theater piece, whatever creative project you've got brewing. I'm always game for something new!