I think what drives my work - no matter what I’m shooting - is the urge to reveal the humor, heart, and poignancy of our daily human experience.

In seven years as a freelance photographer in NYC, I’ve had the opportunity to seek it high and low, and that exhilarating variety - photographing musicians in a warehouse one day, a film festival in a luxury hotel the next, then downtown to shoot an intimate Brooklyn wedding and around the corner where my neighbors are grilling on the sidewalk - has become a fundamental part of my perspective as an artist. 

In everything there is a story to tell. I aim to shoot it all with the same non-judgmental eye and warm connection.

I shoot portraits, weddings, events, and my own creative projects.

I grew up in North Carolina, studied at Brandeis outside of Boston, and loved the northeast so much I basically didn't look back. I got to NYC in 2011 and started working as a photographer, doing any job I could.

I'd been shooting film since college, when I moved to New York I began to see photography as a career.

After my first wild job driving an ice cream truck, I interned in a few big commercial studios, got hired as a producer and assistant in a Brooklyn still life studio, and began training under some amazing photographers.

I've assisted fine art, wedding, still life, beauty and fashion photographers, carrying lights and gear all over the city, and learned a ton in the process. 

Above all, I see photography as a means to connect with other people, and I strive to take photos that feel familiar and unvarnished --

and to always act from kindness, inclusivity, and humanity.