I've tried to blog before. It seems like a good way to share new work, and share yourself, and in 2020, when I had nothing but time, I began. But I didn't continue. Too hard to know what to say, how to frame shoots and events, all the writing, and it just never seemed to happen.

I don't know - maybe it was hard to maintain because it didn't feel like my voice, exactly. More the voice I would use to promote something, sell something. Rather than just show the pictures I'm making these days, with warmth and ease.

I've also found a love of brevity. Sometimes I deliver a preview to clients, the whole job summarized in 20 images. Sometimes I love it more than the final edit - it's tight, all the extras trimmed, nothing but my faves. We are constantly overwhelmed with images, a non-stop barrage. There's something light and liberating about saying "here's 10 shots, that's the whole story, boom."

So that's how I'm going to resurrect this blog. Short series, minimal text, a tight edit of some favorite stories. Won't always be jobs, but also personal work, travels, some roll of film from years ago that I think deserves to see the light of day. Hoping to keep it simple, and just share the pictures I love everyday. <3