"Actually, the expectation of continuity is a glorious fiction. Reality depends upon our choices of what and how we choose to observe. The moments of my life are discontinuous and jump."                          -- Anne Bogart

I've been taking photos, one way or another, for the last ten years. Ideas and projects, little by little, until it was what I wanted to spend all my time doing. 

I once studied to be a theater director, and I still look for narratives in my photography -- however discontinuous, spontaneous, and unexpected those narratives might be. 

I've lived in NYC for the last 5 years, shooting and assisting still life and portrait photographers. 

I'm most focused on studio work at this point, but also shoot events, weddings, as well as analog street photography in my spare time. 

I'd love to hear about whatever project you're working on - so please get in touch! 


Contact:  alisonluntzphotography@gmail.com